Career in Sales and Marketing- Jobs, Scope, Salary

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Career in Sales and Marketing- In this modern era, if any business is making a mark then it is the impact of good sales and marketing efforts. This business is leaving a different impression in every field of the world. The sales job is teamwork. Sales and Marketing is the backbone of the company which contributes a lot for the business. It involves taking care of customer’s needs. Salary packages are also getting higher and higher with the experience of the work. The demand for youth in sales and marketing is enormous and the trend is growing very fast. Read the article to know how to make a career in sales and marketing

What are sales and marketing?

Sales is an activity, transaction where the seller convinces the customers to buy products from him. Sales is also a part of marketing. Several companies are sales-oriented, which concentrate on selling products by using technology. 

Marketing is a strategy and planning or we can say that it is a process which started before the manufacturer of products and continued till the selling of the products. Marketing department employees give their support through the market survey, planning and advertisement etc. Consumer needs are the priority of marketing. 

Sales and Marketing- Eligibility Criteria

Candidates can start a career in sales and marketing immediately after 12th. But after graduation, the scope of sales and marketing increases. A graduate student from any stream can think of making a career in sales and marketing. Provided that he/she has the ability to sell the company’s products with full confidence. However, small and big companies are giving importance to professionals who are specialized in a particular genre like online sales, sales management, well-disciplined and have better skills to sell the products etc. 

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Sales and Marketing- Top Institutes

Here we have shared the details regarding some of India’s prime Institute to take up a sales and marketing course. Candidates can always opt for MBA courses to excel the careers in  sales and marketing. Some of the top colleges with the best placements have been mentioned below. 

  • IIM (Indian Institute of Management), Ahmedabad
  • IIM (Indian Institute of Management)Bangalore,
  • IIM (Indian Institute of Management) Calcutta, 
  • IIM (Indian Institute of Management) Lucknow, 
  • IIM (Indian Institute of Management) Kozhikode,
  • IHM (Institute Hotel Management), Delhi
  • Institute of Management Studies, BHU
  • Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar 
  • Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipuria Indore 
  • Department of Management Studies, Delhi 

Sales and Marketing Courses

To make a career in sales and marketing, candidates should be aware of available courses that can help them to fetch a good job. It is relatively easy to get admission in such sales and marketing courses for students having maths background. In most of these, the process of selection starts with an entrance examination. We have mentioned some of the courses below, which can help you to get in the field of sales and marketing. 

  • BBA (Sales and Marketing)
  • BBA (Digital Marketing)
  • B.Com (Marketing)
  • MBA (Marketing) 
  • PG Diploma in Sales and Marketing can also be done from the Government & private institutions. 

Sales and Marketing Courses fee

Candidates should have the right knowledge about the MBA fees structure, so that financially they can prepare themselves. We have shared fees configuration of some of the dignified academies. 

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Campus name  MBA Fees (Approx)
IIM Ahmedabad    Rs. 23.00 lakh 
IIM Bangalore    Rs. 23.00 lakh 
IIM Calcutta   Rs. 23.00 lakh 
IIM Lucknow    Rs. 19.00 lakh 
Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi    Rs. 18.00 lakh 
Goa Institute of Management   Rs.17.21 lakh 

Sales and Marketing- Job Opportunities

We are providing you with positions of good job in sales and marketing. The best thing is that there is also a provision for incentive-based salary and perks. You can have a quick look at the job positions which are mentioned below: 

  • Sales Trainee
  • Sales Manager
  •  Director 
  • Account manager 
  • Sales Representative 
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Marketing & promotions manager 
  • Marketing Specialist 

Candidates can apply directly through the online portals or website. Jobs in sales and marketing can be at one of the designations as mentioned above. 

Sales and Marketing Salary

With a career in sales and marketing, candidates can earn handsome salary. Below is the expected salary package that a sales and marketing professional can get.

Posts of Sales & Marketing  Average Salary per Year (Approx)
Account Manager  Rs. 786,003 
Director of Sales  Rs. 1,590,620 
Marketing Consultant  Rs. 6,67,400 
Marketing Coordinator  Rs. 2,94,489 
Marketing Specialist  Rs. 7,98,278 
Chief Marketing Officer  Rs. 2,750,000

Skills Required for Sales and Marketing

  • In the sales and marketing field, youth of extroverted nature make the most in their job. Normally there is so much rush in this profession, that candidates, who are mentally and physically prepared, are able to handle the pressure  of the job easily. 
  • Along with having patience, you also have to show yourself as a good listener in order to make progress rapidly in this field.
  • Creative thinking, formulating new and effective strategies are the keys to succeed in the sales and marketing career. 
  • Communication skills with small and big traders, consumers to buy their services and products is a big challenge for Sellers. 
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Increasing Trend of Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing makes it comparatively easier for the sellers to track their advertising promotions, which allows them to amend and achieve better results. Digital Marketing is a beneficial investment for the business growth and helps the seller to make a strong online presence felt in the market. Nowadays, all companies are using Digital Marketing as an advertisement tool.It costs far less than traditional methods of marketing and simultaneously grabs attention of a larger segment of the available market.It gives information about all the products and services provided by the company through the use of digital platforms. To name a few channels for digital marketing we can mention social media, website, mobile app marketing, e-mail, social blogging as powerful memes. 

Challenges in Sales and Marketing

Candidates will face some critical challenges while pursuing a careers in sales and marketing. Some of the top challenges dealt with by sales reps have been mentioned below. 

  • Closing deals
  • Getting a response from prospects.
  • Seeking good leads
  • Connecting via the phone
  • Avoiding discounting
  • Engaging multiple decisions makers at a company
  • Asking the right questions
  • Standing apart from the competitors
  • Incorporating Social Media into the process. 

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