Why Pursue MBA After Engineering (B.Tech)?

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Why Pursue MBA After Engineering- Engineering or B.Tech is the most prestigious and honored professional degree in India and according to report, around 1.5 million engineers graduate every year. but still students prefer to go for an MBA course.

Ever, wondered why? Read the article to know why people change their career option from B.Tech (Engineering) to MBA (Management). Here we have listed top 05 reasons that are responsible for this shift in interests.

05 Reason Why Pursue MBA After Engineering

Reason 1- High Salary Packages

The salary packages of managers are much higher than the average engineer. A fresher engineering graduate gets comparatively low package than a fresh MBA graduate. The average package offered to an engineering student is 04- 05 lakhs while an average MBA student gets an average package of 088- 09 lakhs. Simply the double, this draws the attention of students.

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If we talk in other words, it takes almost 10-15 years for a professional to move from an executive rank to a managerial position. But with an MBA degree, students can directly apply for the higher level.

Why MBA after Btech

Reason 2- Less Career Options After B.Tech

The number of engineering graduates is increasing exponentially every year. Hence, getting a job in desired field is an Achilles heel for graduates. The competition is becoming tough and after trying a few attempts, people loose hope and opt for switching the career.

If we talk about corporate work, an engineering degree is insufficient as won’t gain any practical knowledge on how to analyse data, how to create sales channel, how to lead a team and how to improve interpersonal skills.

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Reason 3- High Competition

When education bloomed in India, only a few institutes offer the engineering degree. Because of the high number of vacant positions and less engineering graduates, the career in engineering fields was attractive but nowadays the number of engineering colleges is high which has simultaneously decreases the quality of the education due to lack of teachers. However, number of jobs has not been increased.

“A report of Hindustan Times says, almost 3,288 Engineering colleges come under the AICTE which is almost double from the 1,511 colleges ten years ago.”

Reason 4- Less Interest in Engineering

After completing 12th with PCM, students often choose engineering to satisfy their parent’s wish. However, studying codes and machinery terms for straight four years, students loose interest in engineering. This shift their interest towards management courses as they are a bit simple.

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Reason 5- Peer Pressure

Students get influenced by friends and toppers and start following their career path to achieve success. Recent generation is smart and knows how to make a better career choice. They research and evaluate carefully before making any decision.

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