How to Crack CAT 2024 with Good Percentile?

How to Crack CAT 2024 With Good Percentile

How to Crack CAT 2024 with Good Percentile- Common Admission Test (CAT) is highly preferred MBA entrance exam. It is the only gateway o get admission in IIMs. Hence, a lot of you will be appearing for your CAT 2024 exam this year and the competition to get the best of the best IIMs is only growing. There is no dearth of coaching centres and online tips to pass the CAT but the question is how to get a good percentile that will get you admission to the best business school. We have provided you seven key steps to follow in order to get a good percentile so you can crack CAT and get through the college of your choice.
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How to Crack CAT 2024 with Good Percentile?

  1. Review Yourself

The first step is to know where you stand. You must find out how much of the prescribed syllabus you are familiar with. Check the official website for the CAT syllabus and mark out the topics you are familiar with and then make a separate list of those that you do not know at all. Review yourself and your performance and be honest while doing it. This will help you focus better on your weaknesses and deal with them in time. Also Read- CAT Exam Date

  1. Recommended Books

Depending on how well you have scored, it is always good to have some books to guide you through your preparation. These books will not only cover topics relevant to your exam but will also give practice in the form of sample papers. It is recommended to buy the Tata Mcgraw Hill books by Arun Sharma and read it thoroughly. You must practice solving each question to be able to get the full benefit of the book.

  1. Join a Coaching Center

Joining a coaching such as TIME is also a good idea. This builds accountability because you will be interacting with other CAT attempters and will be very well aware of the competition. These professional classrooms have fixed timings and will help you maintain a routine study pattern. Even on days you absolutely don’t feel like studying you can simply attend your coaching class and learn something substantial.

  1. Consistency

Remember to focus on your goal and be consistent with your efforts. The CAT exam is only held once every year and you will have to wait another year to attempt it again. Make sure you make the best of the time you have at hand.

  1. Identify Weak Points

You might be discouraged at first but it is necessary to know your plus points as well as the areas where you are weak. By identifying your weak areas you will now be able to focus more of your attention on them so that you can make them your strengths. Try and spending more time doing topics you are not good at.

  1. Offline Study Group

Apart from your coaching classes, it is good to form a small gang of your own where 5 or 7 of you can get together and discuss topics and areas which will make the process of studying more interesting.

  1. Stay motivated

This is probably one of the most important things to keep in mind while preparing for CAT. While the study hours and coaching increase you are bound to feel discouraged and give up. But keep taking breaks and cut yourself some slack when you need it. Do not be hard on yourself and know your capabilities.

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