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Essay on Myself- Man is a magnificent creation of God, each possessing a distinct identity and personality. Writing about myself gives a sense of how beautiful my life is. I am a normal kid with some unique qualities. I believe that every human being in this world possesses some unique talent. No two people are the same so does their life. In sharing essay about myself, I aim to express what I perceive, experience, and envision for my life.

My Family and Childhood

I am Kavita Singh, part of a middle-class joint family, blessed with love from grandparents and parents. My father is my inspiration. He is a community businessman. My mother is a dedicated homemaker and is the heart of our household. Having two elder brothers adds joy and carefree moments to my life. Friends and family are constants, making my childhood wonderfully memorable.

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My Ambition

Every life harbours a goal. My life goal is to become a compassionate doctor. A doctor who can understand the pain of others and provides them with the best treatment. My aspiration is not just professional success but also personal authenticity and kindness.

My Education

Currently in 10th grade, I attend the best school in my city. The teachers are knowledgeable and supportive, imparting both academic and moral education. Securing the first position in my class and excelling in sports, especially yoga, brings me immense pride and a sense of belonging to my school.

My Strength

Being a good listener is one of my strengths, grounded in the belief that understanding precedes speaking. Yoga is a significant pillar in my life, and I am a state champion, reflecting my commitment to physical and mental well-being. Sports, particularly swimming, are areas where I’ve excelled through dedicated training.

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My Weakness

Trusting others easily is my biggest weakness. However, I acknowledge the same and work on it to get better. Another challenge I face is controlling my anger. I am mindful of and actively addressing.


Summing up oneself is an art, recognizing the diversity and uniqueness within every individual. Each person holds a distinctive place in the world, contributing to the mosaic of humanity. Embracing our differences and aspirations, we navigate the journey of life, cherishing the myriad qualities that define us.

15 Lines on Myself

  1. My name is Shivani Sahay.
  2. I belong to Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan.
  3. I come from a nuclear family.
  4. I am a single child.
  5. Currently, I am studying in 8th standard at Rayan Public School.
  6. My favorite subjects include Science and English that give apt knowledge for becoming a doctor.
  7. Outside academics, I excel in dancing.
  8. I have a strong passion for [Something You are Passionate About].
  9. One of my strengths is listening. I am a good listener.
  10. I am working on improving my anger issues.
  11. In my free time, I enjoy dancing and reading books.
  12. My family plays a crucial role in shaping my values and beliefs.
  13. I aspire to pursue a career in medicine.
  14. One thing I love about myself is my positive attitude 
  15. I believe in “You only live once, so love yourself and stay happy”.
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