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Essay on Internet for Students (500 Words)

essay on internet

Essay on Internet- Nowadays, the Internet has become a necessity for every Individual. People of all ages, color or caste are now connected through this simple yet powerful technology. Whether you want a solution to a problem or like to educate others by giving solutions, the Internet has made everything possible. However, with every invention some cons are also associated. Similarly, the Internet has its own benefits and disadvantages. Considering the numerous pros and cons, teachers usually include an essay on Internet either in homework or in exams. Here, we have collected some thoughts together to create the best possible essay on Internet.
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Essay on Internet

The Internet has become an important part of our lives. It has brought communities across the globe closer through instant communication. However, the internet is a great invention of high-tech science technology. In this modern era, we are fully dependent upon the internet. Millions of people search for several gadgets, tools, devices, things etc through the internet every day, every time. Let’s know what the internet is and its benefits.
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What is the Internet?

The Internet, also known as world-wide web, is a technology that is used to connect people from nearby or far flung areas. Initially, it was created to communicate through computers, but now, people can access it through their phones. Besides, new devices are introduced on a daily basis to make the tasks easier and faster.
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Uses of Internet

Tim Berners-Lee is the inventor of WWW (World Wide Web) that is commonly referred to as Web or Internet. With the internet, people can now literally do anything from booking flights to online studies. The Internet has brought people closer and provided access to the world of information. The use of internet is increasing day by day. The internet reduces the distance between the two people and country. People can easily communicate with their family, friends and others just in a second without travelling a distance. 

Positive Impact of the Internet

  • Due to the Internet, distance of miles and hours has now become seconds with video calling.
  • Another benefit of the Internet is that people can stay connected with their friends and family through social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • People can now complete their studies by using online learning platforms. Even coaching for various tests has become accessible to all students around the globe.
  • Banking and shopping have become so easy because of the Internet.
  • Small businesses that are known to a limited set of people have expanded to several folds by moving online.
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Negative Impact of the Internet

  • Because of instant access to the knowledge pool of the Internet, kids can easily get influenced by negative activities.
  • Cyber crime has also increased from the past few years.
  • Using personal details and data on the Internet makes it easily accessible to hackers. This is a privacy intervention that can happen with anyone and at any time.  
  • Social networking is a kind of addiction. If not monitored properly, then this can disturb one’s personal and professional life.

Convenience Due To Internet

The internet made our life so worthwhile as compared to the previous time. Through the internet, we just save our time and get things as soon as possible. Now, we do not need to stand in a queue for depositing or withdrawing the money to the bank, online shopping, book tickets for travelling etc. We can send the message in a second to the people who live far from us. All things become easier as we don’t think in our dreams. 

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How Do You Write An Internet Essay?

  • Students should write the essay about the Internet in short sentences. it will reduce the errors and improve the readability of the essay.
  • Always create sub-headings that will give a clear picture of what your essay is about and encourage the readers to read it further.
  • It is always better to add some facts and stats in the internet essay as it will improve the credibility.

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