How Much Does a Business Management Degree Cost?

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Business Management Degree is tailored for aspiring individuals seeking to cultivate leadership skills and enhance managerial acumen. This comprehensive program equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate diverse facets of the business landscape. Throughout the curriculum, students delve into essential subjects such as Accounting, Finance, Strategy, Operations, Economics, Communication, and beyond. From tuition fees to additional expenses, we uncover the various factors influencing the cost of pursuing a business management degree in today’s academic landscape.

What is business management degree?

A degree in business management helps in securing employment in a variety of managerial positions.It also provides valuable information to the people who want to start their own businesses. Students can pursue a business management degree at any level, from undergraduate to graduate, depending on their objectives. Numerous colleges offer offline or online classes from which students can choose as per their interest.

Business Management Degree Types

  • Associate Degree: A two-year associate’s degree is an initial step to get a job in business management.
  • Bachelor’s Degree: It is a four-year degree that opens doors to maximum career opportunities. 
  • Master’s Degree: It is a two-year advanced degree for candidates who want to get a management level job. Candidates need to complete bachelor degree before pursuing a master’s degree.
  • Doctoral Degree: A doctoral degree is preferred if someone wants to work in research or become a professor of business administration.
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How Much Does a Business Management Degree Cost?

The cost of business management degree varies from college to college. Private colleges or schools charge high fees in comparison to the government colleges. The business management degree cost can range from $15,000 to $50,000 for in-state students whereas the fees can be between $40,000 to $70,000 for out-of-state students. Hence, it is better to apply for the best and nearest college to pursue a business management degree.

Who Can Apply for Business Management Degree?

For a bachelor’s program, students must obtain certain SAT scores as per the college requirement. Candidates from any background can apply for business management however, it is recommended to have a good hold on mathematics or finance knowledge.

Benefits of Business Management Degree

There are various benefits of pursuing the Business Management degree including the increased employability, learning different business skills and more. Some of the benefits are listed below. 

  • High Salary Packages and Good position- With a business management degree, candidates are eligible to apply for higher management jobs having a good salary package.
  • Learning multiple skills- Pursuing a business management degree helps in learning different skills like finance, human resource, service operations, consultancy and more. Having a good demand on different skills.
  • Ability to expand network- Business managers are also known for good communication skills and access to a vast network of entrepreneurs. 
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How long does a business management degree take?

Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Management  is usually of 4 years, however, the duration of master’s degree is 2 years. The duration of degree courses varies according to the mode of course. Part-time courses take a little longer time to complete.

US Colleges Offer Business Management Degree

Below is the list of colleges and cost of business management degree

S.NO College Tuition Fee Reputation
1 University of Michigan–Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor, MI
$57,273 (out-of-state)
$17,786 (in-state)
2 University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
$63,452 4.8
3 University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA
$43,980 (out-of-state)
$14,226 (in-state)
4 New York University
New York, NY
$58,168 4.4
5 University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX
$40,996 (out-of-state)
$11,752 (in-state)
6 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA
$57,986 4.6
7 Indiana University–Bloomington
Bloomington, IN
$39,120 (out-of-state)
$11,447 (in-state)
8 Texas A&M University
College Station, TX
$40,087 (out-of-state)
$13,178 (in-state)
9 University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC
$37,558 (out-of-state)
$8,998 (in-state)
10 University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA
$56,837 (out-of-state)
$21,381 (in-state)

Business Management Salary

Below given salary is an average estimate. The data is taken from PayScale.

Economist $59,800 $73,310 $94,680 $99,170
Chief Executive Officer $102,200 $112,360 $129,050 $156,590
Labor relations specialists $64,820 $65,550 $73,050 $82,730
Finance manager $59,990 $77,790 $98,030 $99,620
Human resources manager $52,420 $60,460 $69,440 $74,000
Management analyst $55,200 $62,570 $72,850 $81,520
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Ques- Is a business management degree worth it?
Ans- Yes, every business needs good managers who can smartly handle all the work and manage the team. The salary offered is also good.

Ques- Are business degrees expensive?
Ans- The cost of business management degree depends on colleges and course duration. 

Ques- How many years does it take to be a business manager?
Ans- To become a business manager, candidates must hold a bachelor and master degree. In total, it will take 5-6 years of study. Candidates having only a bachelor’s degree with a good amount of experience are also eligible to be a business manager.

Ques- How much is a business management course in the USA?
Ans- Business management degree cost may vary form $15,000 to $50,000 for in-state and between $40,000 to $70,000 for out-of-state students.

Ques- Is a 2 year business degree worth it?

Ans- Yes, it is worth considering. Many professionals landed a good paying job after completing the course with dedication.

Ques- Is business management hard?

Ans- No, a Business management degree is not hard if a person pursues the same dedicatedly.

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