Do’s and Don’ts While Starting a Group Discussion

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Group Discussion, a group brainstorming session, which is conducted to evaluate the public speaking skills of a person. Students are organised in small groups, to discuss over a topic. The topic may be related to the current affairs or the trending issues of the society like feminism, child abuse and more. Within a set time period, aspirants have to prove themselves that they are good enough to communicate their thoughts in public and have good leadership skills. Nowadays, GD is the most important section of MBA Admission process. There is no definite questions or syllabus according which you can prepare, hence, it is a must for the aspirants to know the do’s and don’ts of the Group Discussion. In this article, we have listed the do’s and don’ts, so read the article to ace the GD session-

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Group Discussion- Do’s and Don’ts


  • Speak politely and pleasantly to the group
  • Recognize and respect the contribution of other participants
  • Acknowledge and agree whatever you find remarkable
  • Stat your disagreement in a polite way because it’s a healthy discussion and not an argument!
  • Think wisely before mentioning your aspects over the topic. Compose the best answer mentally
  • Stay Stick to the theme of discussion and not wander into other discussion / irrelevant information
  • Always follow etiquettes of Group Discussion, when speaking


  • Don’t lose your temper as it is not an argument
  • Don’t show off – avoid providing fake figures and information
  • Use a medium or moderate tone as no one is deaf
  • Limit your gestures and avoid things that show aggression like finger pointing and table thumping
  • Confident speakers give other a chance to speak up. Group discussion is not about dominating
  • Avoid showing aggression where in your gestures, tone or body language
  • Don’t interrupt other while stating a point let them finish first.
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Alongside, with these do’s and don’ts, there are few important points that every participant must consider before appearing in the MBA Group Discussion round.

Important Points to be considered

  • Focus on your Communication skills
  • Read consistently to improve knowledge and ideas
  • Influence others with your skills, and display tactics.
  • It is a method to exchange thoughts hence, respect others, be polite
  • maintain group discussion etiquette by using simple and formal language to address the group
  • Thorough preparation is necessary – read avidly, so that your mind generate thoughts naturally.

Do note that GD round is as much important as your written exam and personal interview, hence do not mess up by showing negative attitude.

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