Best Online degrees to Get a Good Job


Best Online degrees to Get a Good Job– With the COVID19 Outbreak, many universities and colleges started offering job-oriented online degrees. Moreover, prominent companies have started accepting these online degrees for recruiting talents. The high growth rates of many of these careers also means that these online degrees are the most in-demand. Many of these online degree  programs may qualify graduates for a variety of different careers within the same fields. 

Best Online degrees to Get a Good Job

Online Degree Business Administration

Business Administration is the best online degree to get as it has much versatility in education options. A Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA) or a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) paves the way for many career options. This degree brings a strong appeal in income and stability. Graduates who have a bachelor’s degree in business earns an estimate $2.6 million dollars over the course of their career.

Online Degree in Computer Science

  • With the development and age of science and technology, companies are in need of computer science. Almost every aspects of our lives is subjected to the internet and modern technology in this modern world.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is growing rapidly and in high demand. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are sub-divisions of Computer Science and often includes Data Science. We see Artificial Intelligence in our day to day life be it in healthcare, transportation or manufacturing industries etc.
  • An increasingly popular Computer Science specialization is Game Design. Game Design within Computer Science encompasses all aspects of the technical side of creating games. Students learn programming languages and coding.
  • Blockchain  Developer is another popular in-demand career. It is used more in businesses for enterprise purposes to decentralize and tamper proof. The average salary package with a Bachelor’s Degree Computer Science is around $103,509- $154,550 and growth rate from 5%-44%. (source: Bureau of Labour Statistics)
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Online Degree in Marketing

Marketing requires a great deal of creativity , research and high business skills. The platforms such as social media, television, internet marketing etc. provides   best practice for marketing .

Online Marketing Degrees includes, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. The highest paid position within Marketing is Marketing Manager. The average salary package with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing is around $65,810- $141,490.00 per year with a growth rate from 10%- 22%. (source: Bureau of Labour Statistics)

Online Degree in Finance

Finance is one of the most stable job fields in today’s market. Finance, in short means looking after the money in a responsible and profitable way.

Finance skills sets includes:

  • Budgeting
  • Managing investments
  • Annual forecasts
  • Becoming a Certified Financial Planner
  • Supervising a team

Finance courses includes Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Applied Statistics, Wealth Management, Fundamentals of Investments

As long as there is money being exchanged and tracked, there will be Finance majors needed in the marketplace. The growth rates and incomes of careers available with a bachelor’s in Finance makes this one of the best choices in online degrees.

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An online degree in Finance can put one into many different careers such as Personal Financial Advisors, Certified Financial Planner, Financial Managers etc. The average salary package with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance generates around $81,430- $134,180 and growth rates from 5%-17%.  (source: Bureau of Labour Statistics)

Online Degree in Communication

  • Communication paves the way for careers options such as Public Relations, Fundraising Managers, Broadcast Journalists and Writers. An online bachelor’s degree in Communication is like any other bachelor’s degrees.
  • Public Relations Managers control how businesses are viewed by the public and they create and maintain a particular public image. They protect the reputation of the company, keeping it in the good graces of popular opinion. The communication coursework consists of classes such as Mass Media, Broadcast Journalist, Organizational Communication and Interpersonal and Group Communication.

Online Degree in Human Resource

People who specialize in Human Resources need to attract and train productive employees and keep them satisfied. They impart and gain understanding about salaries, benefits packages, training programs, recruiting and how to assist employees.

This field combines an awareness of new technology, interpersonal skills and a lot of common sense. The courses in Human Resource includes:

  • Applying leadership principles
  • Principles of management
  • Organizational development
  • Employee and labour relations 

The Average salary with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource ranges from $63,490.00- $121,220.00 per year with a growth rate from 9%- 10%.  (source: Bureau of Labour Statistics)

Online Degree in Data Science

Data Science also known as Data Analytics is a growing field with the advent of big data. It is also commonly known as Business Intelligence when used in business. The job of as Data Analyst is to input large data sets and analyze them to make it understandable and meaningful. All big companies such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon use Data Science.

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The courses in Data Science includes:

  • Formulating Problems
  • Analyzing and modelling data
  • Presenting and integrating results into action

A student with a Bachelor’s Degree generates around $87,660- $122,00 annually with a growth rate of 14%-31% and a Master’s Degree generates around $126,000 annually with a growth rate of 22%.  (source: Bureau of Labour Statistics)

Online Degree in Game Design

  • The Video Game Industry is one of the largest industry  in the world. Billions of dollars are spent in there game industry every year and the metaverse also has immense revenue potential for gaming.
  • A degree in Video Game Art can involve learning 2D and 3D video graphics. Students who enjoy playing video games and creating game animations has opportunity in different platforms such as mobile devices, tablets, computers etc.
  • There are various degrees available for students who want to pursue technical development. Students can enrol for Bachelor’s Science Degree, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Game Arts, Graphic Design or Animation to make up a career in Gaming.
  •  The Average salary package with a Bachelor’s Degree in Game Design generates around $44,490- $130,000 annually.