How to Prepare for IOQM 2024-25?

how to prepare for IOQM 2024

ics How to Prepare for IOQM 2024-25– Students preparing for IOQM 2024 should have the details of the exam and a proper strategy to score well. IOQM was initially called as PRMO, Pre-regional mathematical olympiad that means students have to prepare only mathematics for the exam. Getting good scores in IOQM exam 2024 needs dedication and hard work along with the below PRMO preparation tips 2024. Refer the below steps to preparation strategy on how to prepare form IOQM 2024-
Important- IOQM Registration to start in July 2024.

How to Prepare for IOQM 2024?

IOQM Preparation Tip 1- Know the Exam Pattern & Syllabus

It is important to get details on all the information related to what to prepare along with how to prepare for IOQM exam. Students have to solve 30 questions of 2 marks, 3 marks and 5 marks in the exam.

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IOQM 2024 Exam Pattern

  • The test duration is 3-hour duration. 
  • It is an offline mode exam.
  • Students have to answer in a 1-digit or a 2-digit number. 

IOQM Syllabus 2024– Students have to cover the below topics while preparing for IOQM exam 2024.

Important Topics for IOQM 2024-25

Integers Trigonometry Quadratic equations and expressions In-equalities
Geometry Finite series Permutations and combination Factorization of polynomial
Co-ordinate geometry Complex numbers Elementary graph theory
Linear equations Probability theory and number theory Elementary combinatorics

IOQM Preparation Tip 2- Revision

Students should revise the topics and solve as many questions they can. The more type of question you solve, the better will your calculation speed and understanding of the topic become better.

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IOQM Preparation Tip 3- Make Notes of Formula

Most of the students forget a simple plus or minus of the formulae that completely change the result. Hence, it is important to make short notes of important formulas and paste them near your study table. This will help in memorising the formulas till the exam day.

IOQM Preparation Tip 4- Solve PRMO question Papers

Students should solve as many previous year’s papers and sample papers you can for better practice. This will help in understanding the difficulty level of the exam. Practicing the papers in the exam duration also helps in learning the time management.

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IOQM Preparation Tip 5- Consult with experts in doubts

It is always better to have guidance of experts. It will help in covering the topics in a better mannar. Students most of the time try to solve tough problems by themself. It is a good practice but if the problem is consuming too much time then try to consult with the experts.

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