Essay on Environmental Pollution

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Essay on Environmental Pollution– Students seeking short essay on Environmental Pollution can read the below article. No matter for what purpose you need the Environmental pollution essay, below details will help in knowing how to frame a good essay on environmental pollution in 500 words.
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Essay on Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution is the biggest problem now-a-days. Every living being whether human, animals or plants on this earth is affected by the pollution. Our surroundings including air, water, soil, and more is known as environment. When harmful chemicals increases in the our surrounding, it creates pollution. Day by day environmental pollution is increasing due to several factors like using harmful gases and chemicals. Here, types of environmental pollution, its affects and remedies are mentioned.

What is Environmental Pollution? 

The environment is the surrounding and external conditions that influence on living organisms that affect their life, development and function. Environmental pollution is defined as the contamination of the physical and biological components of the atmospheric system. Presence of pollutants in the surroundings that hamper the life process is called Environmental Pollution. 

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Environmental Pollution and Its Types

There are several type of pollution that are slowly damaging our environment daily. Below is the list of types of Environmental Pollution and their impact on living beings.

  • Water Pollution: Excess of chemicals produced by factories are polluting the water. This pollution is disturbing the life under water and balance of living organism on the earth. People who consume the water plants and animals are found with various incurable diseases.
  • Air Pollution: Air pollution is the exposure of chemicals, particulate matter, or organic matter in the environment, to human beings, that cause harm to humans or other organisms or the environment. Air pollution causes deaths and respiratory diseases. 
  • Noise Pollution: Noise pollution or excessive noise is called any kind of unusable sound, which cause problems to humans and animals. The main reason for this is the noise generated during the traffic.
  • Soil Pollution: Soil pollution can be caused by the presence of chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers, ammonia, petroleum hydrocarbons, nitrates, naphthalene, etc. 
  • Radioactive Pollution: Negligent disposal of nuclear waste, accidents in nuclear plants, etc. are all examples of radioactive pollution. Radioactive pollution can cause infertility as a result of exposure, cancer (blood and skin), blindness and various birth defects. It is considered very dangerous pollution.
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Causes of Environmental Pollution 

The following are the sources and causes of environmental pollution, which are as follows.

  • Vehicles 
  • Industrial Activities 
  • Solid Waste Discharge 
  • Population Overgrowth 
  • Rapid Industrialization and Urbanization
  • Agricultural Waste 
  •  Fossil Fuel Combustion

How to Reduce Environmental Pollution?

To reduce the pollution, people should start using the biodegradable objects. Along with

, Efforts will have to be made to conserve groundwater while storing rainwater. Apart from petrol, diesel, electricity, we also have to find alternatives of energy from other sources of energy. Emphasis has to be laid on the use of solar energy and wind energy. We have to plant more trees. Indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources present in nature should be avoided. We have to avoid using plastic things, etc. 

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Our earth has become polluted due to the material pleasures of human beings. Today the entire climate has become polluted. There is neither clean water to drink nor pure air to breathe. And no one else is responsible for this and only human beings.

To reduce pollution, the government has done many projects like Namami Ganga, has implemented odd-even formulas by the Delhi Government etc.

How to write Essay on Environmental Pollution?

To write Environmental Pollution essay, students should start it with introduction of environment pollution explaining the its definition. After that explain the environment pollution types, how it is impacting humans and how to reduce the pollution. Below are some points to make your short essay on environment pollution.

  • Make short and to the point sentences.
  • Put statistics about the topic.
  • Use simple and easy of understand words.
  • Highlights the important points. 
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