06 Simple Steps to Ace Any Entrance Exam Smartly

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Competitive era starts with the UG entrance examinations where lakhs of students compete every year to get admission in the premium institutes, and this is just the starting. With every passing year, a new stress holds the mind whether it is cracking the PG entrance exam or a Government recruitment test. Considering the never-ending stress of competitive examination, here we have provided some simple tips to crack any entrance test with good marks. Read the article carefully to know Simple Steps to Ace Any Entrance Exam Smartly-

06 Simple Steps to Ace Any Entrance Exam Smartly

  1. Prepare a Good Strategy- Preparing hard will only work when you include some smart work with that. Hard work takes a lot of time but with managing things smartly reduce efforts and time consumption. Now, the question arises, how to do that?

Simply follow the below guideline to include smartness in your hard work

  • Know Every Bit of Syllabus & Pattern- Students should have complete details related to the examination pattern and the syllabus of the entrance test. Preparing every topic will enhance your chances to qualify the test. Students usually skip the less important chapters but to get good marks they should prepare the complete syllabus as every question is important. Always remember you are preparing for good marks not for just qualifying the test.
  • Figure out the weak sections- Smart students make their weak sections priority so that they can solve the maximum number of questions. Don’t skip any topic just because it is hard, prepare them and give more time to know the concepts.
  • Follow fewer books- Always prepare to form the best and fewer books. Consulting many books increases the confusion as every author has his or her own language to explain a topic. Usually following too many books will engulf most of the quality time. To avoid this, always study from the best and fewer books.
  • Prepare good study plan- Now, smartly divide your time for each chapter & subject to efficiently use the limited time period. Make sure you will prepare the entire syllabus at least a month prior to the scheduled time.
  1. Create Your Own Handwritten Notes– Instead of taking notes from other students, it is suggested to create your own handwritten notes. There are two advantages of doing so, firstly it will help you to memorize the topics in a better way. Secondly, it eliminates the dependency. Self-written notes make the concept clear and you will retain the facts for the longer period.
  2. Always Keep a Slot for Revision- Many students forget the formulas in the rush of completing the syllabus. But if you want to ace the test then you have to keep hold of every fact and formula which can only be attained with the revision. Hence, experts suggest to always spare a few hours daily for revision. The more you revise better will be your chances to retain the information.
  3. Solve Sample Paper/ Previous Year’s Question Papers- If you are thinking that preparing every topic of the syllabus is enough to qualify then think twice. Sometimes, you are completely prepared but the examiner includes a simple question in a flipped manner and you lose the battle. To know the type of question asked and how to tackle the tricky questions, solving sample papers and previous year’s question papers is the best option. Students should solve these papers after preparing the complete syllabus to know their preparation level.
  4. Consult With Experts in Difficulties– While preparing, you may come across to various difficult topics and the right approach is to consult with an experienced person that can be your tutor or a person who has expertise in that particular topic.
  5. Stay Away for Mobile Phones- The most important task while preparing for any exam is to stay away from the distraction and nowadays, mobile phones are the biggest distraction. Every time you scroll your social networking profile, you lose precious time of your preparation. So, without wasting your quality time, start preparing with full dedication and concentration.
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Last but not least, stay healthy by consuming the right diet and by having ample sleep. A healthy person can give their cent percent in preparation and an exam.

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